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primmer piper
eggleston & cramer

lawfirm focusing in the New England region


print design
photoshoot art direction
photo editing
branded marketing materials
editorial design


  • Paid media ads in various states to boost clientele

  • One page sell sheets

  • Business card refresh for better clarity of contact information

  • Newspaper advertorials


Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer needed 
help to update their newspaper advertorials, 
one sheets and business cards from their existing creative. I was able to upgrade their deliverables to a sleek modern design that matched their brand aesthetic.

One of my most notable brand missions upon joining the team was to update the photography used by PPEC to match the company’s ethos. They were regularly using stereotypical, unrealistic, stock photography, which took away from the company’s legitimacy and draw.

Under my art direction, we had photoshoots with the company’s lawyers to start a vault of exclusive, on-brand, realistic, lifestyle photography for the company to use.
I also audited and edited the photography
in use, updating to either the photos
from our photoshoot or more on-brand
stock photography.  

business card mockup
one sheet mockups
newspaper advertisement mockup
newspaper advertisment mockup
newspaper advertisment mockup

other selected work

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