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Caribou specializes in auto refinancing, helping customers navigate the complexities of managing car loans. Their service focuses on delivering a streamlined, efficient process, providing customers with a more manageable and cost-effective car ownership experience.

At Caribou, my role as a Graphic Designer involved managing various marketing projects, using Adobe Creative Suite and Figma to maintain our brand identity and enhance our market visibility.

I played a pivotal role in a comprehensive rebranding initiative, skillfully managing its implementation across both B2B and B2C channels. My efforts led to a significant amplification of the company’s market presence and customer appeal.

I was also responsible for conceptualizing and creating engaging video content and motion graphics as well as conducting detailed design evaluations and executing targeted ad campaigns, all of which contributed to a marked increase in brand visibility and business growth.


  • Social media creation

  • ERG Logo Systems

  • Direct Mail/OOH

  • Video storyboarding/execution

  • Motion graphics


  • Branding & Identity

  • Typography y & Layout Design

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Campaign Development

  • Paid Acquisition 

  • Motion Graphics

  • Figma | Adobe Creative Suite

caribou your future campaign.jpg
postcard design

"Future You" OOH Campaign to attract users to the website/top of funnel. Assets included "postcard" mailer, social media and specific landing page for engagement and to track performance. I was responsible of the conceptualization and production of this campaign. This was part of an A/B test to see if it performed better than our standard OOH campaign materials.

Examples of various social media that was posted on various social channels including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter. 30+ monthly deliverable assets (not including designing for cross platform or other posts included in carousels) 


Caribou & Operation Hope Campaign to fundraise money for Operation Hope and to increase financial literacy to Caribou's customers. 


One sheeters created for affiliate partnerships with Caribou that included a brief description, assets, and eligible customers. 

Mugs designed for People & Culture team for a quarterly care package that showcased Caribou's 3 locations (at the time).


Google Display Ads - One example of many that were designed.

Example of Instagram Stories, we averaged 4-5 Instagram stories per month to help boost engagement and please the algorithm. Mix of static/animation.

Frame 1489_edited.png

Presentation template for new hires within the marketing team to help with onboarding. View Template Here

2023 Diversity presentation, created and edited in Google Slides to ensure ease of editing by non-designers and internal collaboration.



Youtube/Commercial storyboard at the time gas was at an all time high.

Meant for an agency to shoot specific scenes.

Responsible for story concept, and generated images in DALL-E


paid, social & youtube ads

Notes: The first two videos were the top performing YouTube ads for 2023 with a nearly zero budget of using existing stock video and shutterstock assets. I was responsible for the concepts, storyboards, video editing, stock video & music sourcing, and motion graphics/animations.

Caribou - Youtube Ad
Dogs - YouTube Ad
Caribou Roadtrip - Social Poll
Halloween Ad - Paid Social