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I am a constantly-learning-and-adding-new-skills-to-my-toolbelt graphic designer.


My design career was born the day my mom handed me a copy of Photoshop Seven when I was fourteen years old. I was immediately hooked and shortly after had the "coolest" looking MySpace layouts around.

Hi! At 14, I set my heart on becoming a designer. It wasn’t just a fleeting wish, but a goal I've passionately pursued ever since. My journey in design has been a continuous path of growth and learning, deeply rooted in the commitment I made as a teenager.

When I'm not designing, I'm exploring. Travel is my way of stepping outside my comfort zone, whether it's snowboarding down a steep slope, competing in a wakesurfing competition, or even wandering through a new city. Each adventure enriches my perspective and subtly influences my work. 

Books are my other refuge. I've always been drawn to the immersive world of stories, finding inspiration in the narrative as much as in the design of a book cover. This love for reading complements my design ethos, emphasizing simplicity and storytelling.

This website is a glimpse into my creative side, where my youthful ambition has shaped a life dedicated to design, adventure, and continuous exploration. Here, each project is more than just work; it's a part of a dream I’ve been chasing since I was 14.

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