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motion graphics
& video editing


after effects
premiere pro


From conception to completion, most of these videos start out as whispers of an idea when I get involved. The following videos were created using a combination of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition.

Fun fact
The VNA Little Victories was my first
ever commercial created and seeing it
in the wild while at the gym was 
incredibly exhilarating.


Taking individual video clips, interview segments, b-roll to create a compelling narrative
see cvhhh, vtTA, caribou CU day

Following a storyboard with video elements shot specifically for each scene.
see vna

Using 100% stock video footage mixed with motion graphic elements to make a vision come together
see synergis studio, caribou

Using purely motion graphics & kinetic typography
see MIB, caribou

Caribou Paid & Organic Social Videos - motion graphics, stock video acquisition, music acquisition, motion graphics

VNA Little Victories - storyboard, art direction, post production, motion graphics

vtTA The Paths Both Taken - storyboarding, video compilation, post production editing

CVHHH Recruitment Video - off site video shoot, interviewing, art direction, post production editing, storyboard/broll, motion graphics

Pride Global Year in Review - storyboard, stock video acquisition, motion graphics

Synergis Studios - sales welcome video, stock footage acquisition, motion graphics

Men in Black - kinetic typography, motion graphics, following audio script

other selected work

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