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My experience has given me the ability to work on projects from conception to completion ensuring  brands communicate their messaging as intended on a visual level and, in turn, support their bottom line. Because of this, my skillset extends to a variety of design disciplines including branding & identity, print design, video editing & motion graphics, publication design, and typography to name a few. 

I have worked with clients to develop branding and marketing strategies, helping them to reach their target audience and increase their visibility. I am passionate about creating engaging visuals that are both on-trend and reflective of my clients’ brands.

I am always open to new challenges and opportunities and believe that passion and dedication are essential to creating great work. If you have an exciting project you would like to collaborate on, don't hesitate to reach out.


Hired as a freelance designer by one of Burlington Vermont’s leading advertising agencies.

Promoted from freelance designer, to designer, to senior designer working with multiple clients in various design mediums. During my tenure I became a foosball master.*


Moved from Vermont to Baltimore, Maryland and worked as a designer with an in-house B2B Marketing team at AGS.


Joined Caribou as a marketing designer to develop brand recognition, create leads through social media & direct mail, produce video ads to ultimately help people save money on their car loans.


Due to a restructuring at my previous company, I am now looking for my next role where I can help a company increase their brand presence and help achieve their customer acquisition goals.

*embellished. However, foosball is now one of my secret talents.

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