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allegis global

B2B: international talent management firm


branding & identity
social media
template creation
video development
desktop publication
motion graphics
podcast graphic support


As the graphic designer at AGS my responsibilities included creating and designing visual materials to promote AGS such as brochures, flyers, and social media. I was also tasked with creating website content, such as graphics, banners, and intranet material.

Additionally, I was responsible for creating visuals for internal national and international events, such as virtual stage design, social media, agendas and other printed materials.

I was also responsible for maintaining a high level of quality control in all of my designs, ensuring that they accurately represented the company's values and brand.


  • Social Media Posts

  • Event Invites / Save the Dates

  • Internal Communications

  • Building mockups for our intranet & external website

  • Developing templates for Microsoft Word & Powerpoint

  • Video production & motion graphics development

  • Internal executive leadership messaging

  • Podcast graphic support

example of social media posts
flyer design
social media examples on a phone
a brochure design
social media posts
podcast supporting social media graphics
a brochure mockup
Holiday card animated gif
holiday card in an animated gif

other selected work

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