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The Vermont Technology Alliance, or vtTA, is a company completely dedicated to raising awareness about the growing role of technology in Vermont and the economy in Vermont. It’s purpose is to change people’s perception on the top grossing industries bringing money into Vermont. As a result of my Bittersweet capstone, I was hired to design the “Vermont’s Tech Employment Report”. This report highlights some of my graphic design strengths including layout design, typography and illustration skills. With the brochure being successful, it led to further projects I helped to create including the re-branding of the vtTA to include the vibrant orange as seen in the creative shown rather than the standard green Vermont companies tend to go for (Green Mountain State anyone?). From there I helped develop other proposals, business cards, and even the vtTA Paths Both Taken video as seen on this page.

The tech study has blossomed and inspired other projects to help spread the word about Vermont in different ways. “The Paths Both Taken” was a video conceived from a passion to brand Vermont in a different narrative. One where technology is thriving. To further demonstrate  the booming role of technology in Vermont, I was asked to create a timeline that shows Vermont’s past and present. This project taught me so much and made me proud to be a Vermonter. Do you know how many large companies actually reside in Vermont? Ben & Jerry’s, Cabot Cheese, IBM, Burton, King Author Flour are all great examples.

Fun fact: The Paths Both Taken video has been shown in a conference held for all 50 governors in the United States!

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