Resin Art

I must have seen resin art pop up on either Pinterest or Instagram and instantly knew I had to try to do it, as you often do. I watched countless YouTube videos and gathered all the materials so I could get started. I dove in head-first and learned the basics of this stunning abstract art form. While my first attempt at resin pour art was lacking, it definitely did not make its way onto any of those Pinterest Fail boards fortunately for me. You know exactly the ones I’m talking about.

After some practice, and big messes to clean up, I began to understand the process of how it all works. A few of my first pieces were coasters and cutting boards which were gifted some of my friends and family which became instant hits. Because of this, I  realized the potential and unique gift opportunities that resin pour art offers. Looking for a one-of–a-kind gift? Look no further, as the options to add resin art to anything are limitless. We can also incorporate custom lettering or wood burning to finalize a gift for you that will have everyone talking. I have hundreds of ideas up my sleeve that we can pour resin onto and make it one of a kind. Got ideas? Great, let’s hear them. Need ideas? Email me. I can’t just be giving my brilliant ideas out on here now can I?

If you’re a fellow resin pour artist yourself and are looking for tips, or have any tips of me, I would love for you to reach out. Hey, maybe I even saved your work on my Pinterest board. You never know.

    Obsessed or Inspired?

    Whether you’re looking for a gift or simply want to ask questions about the process of creating resin art (or want to show me your work!), I would love to hear from you. Use the contact form, or simply email me at