Synergis Studio

I was asked to create a video for a presentation to introduce Synergis Studio. Combining a variation of motion graphics & stock videos to make this video come to life

Men in Black

My love of typography was put to the test with this kinetic typography video which involved the creation of motion graphics and video editing. A fun ‘caption-esque’ video that brings the audio to life in an engaging way.


Little Victories

This commercial came together easily thanks to great story-boarding ahead of time by the team at Brandthropology. Taking their storyboard and the footage they captured at the shoot, I was able to select the best clips and edit them together to help create a compelling story of what the VNA does. This video was fun to make as I also created all the motion graphics you see on screen. This was my the first commercial and I couldn’t be more proud of it.


This video is a recruitment effort by Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice, or CVHHH, to help explain why being a nurse at CVHHH is a career worth pursuing. With the help of Shelby’s compassionate interview, I was able to help visually tell the story using existing b-roll footage that encapsulates Shelby’s words and why she loves working at CVHHH as a nurse. This video involves both Motion Graphics and Video Editing to make this video come to life!

vtTA –
Paths Both Taken

This video is featured on my vtTA (Vermont Technology Alliance) main branding page, but I wanted to display it here as well because it received an amazing response from people in the Green Mountain state. Everyone at Brandthropology who helped gets huge credit for making this video such a success. Vermont is often recognized for its recreation, beer and cheese. This video has gotten so many people in Vermont excited and really shows what an amazing tech economy Vermont has, in addition to its traditional attractions.

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