Hickok & Boardman

Hickok & Boardman, or HBB, had been a long standing client with the previous agency I worked at, and their branding had already been established by the time I started working with them. Every year, Hickok & Boardman holds a conference event for HR professionals that includes guest speakers and focuses on the latest HR strategies. It’s a great networking event for HR professionals in the Vermont/NY area.

Each year features a different theme that Brandthropology helps bring to life. Previous examples included Monopoly, the olympics, and recently the Game of Life. One of my favorite themes I helped develop, which unless you lived under a rock these last 8 years, is familiar to most people: “game of tHRones”. Get it?! Great while I can’t take credit for the creative punny title, I’ll take credit for the graphic elements. As a fan of the show, that year’s work was especially fun for me. This project shows how an original email blast can translate and scale to different banners for different sections of the website.

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