I have been obsessed with hand lettering design as far back as I can remember. I’ve only recently discovered that this endeavor is something that people are making full time careers out of, so watch out design world here I come! While I’m still pursuing lettering mostly as a hobby, it’s a fun way to push my design skills further and get more familiar with letterforms and how they work. Below are examples that I’ve created in the past year. You can follow me on Instagram where I usually publish my most recent hand lettering creations. I’ve recently realized that my love of crafts and hand lettering work perfectly together for gifts and other fun keep-sakes.

I’ve recently started diving into a passion project that involves many different ways to say hello in many languages in attempt to keep me motivated to work on my hand lettering designs everyday. All of the different hellos all started as a sketch which was then later vectorized on a computer using Adobe Illustrator or drawn in Procreate. To view the full series, please click here.

Check out all of the examples below or view my instagram at @cassierajotte. Can you guess which each language is that is featured? Is there a way you say hello that you would want to see featured? Let me know!