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I first started working with CVHHH, or Central Vermont Home, Health & Hospice, when they came to us asking for a new campaign to help boost online interaction on their social media platforms and website. We started by looking at their existing campaigns and branded creative that was associated that and looked into ways we could improve it. One of the first things we noticed was the logo. Their initial logo was creative, but just needed to be updated and refreshed. We all need that from time to time. So, me and the team at Brandthropology pushed for an updated logo which I was happy to take the lead one.

The updated circular logo that I created actually helped to inspire the rest of the deliverables. Thus, ‘Circle of Care’ campaign was born. We wanted that circle to represent care as a whole. That CVHHH has a whole team of care providers to help you get back on your feet. It also represents the relationships CVHHH strives for. It’s not just about their patients, but also for their caretakers and the relationships that are established as well.

Working with all the care providers to create all the branded elements including our one-sheets and interviewing some of the nurses, or physical therapists — it was so clear to see how passionate they are about their line of work. We aimed out to encapsulate that passion and dedication of care.

If you look at all the branded elements here and on cvhhh.org you can see the half-circle throughout, representing the circle of care.  I am proud to say that not just the logo, but many elements of CVHHH’s branding were designed by me, including various UI web comp development. Seen here are a few pieces. You can check out the rest of the campaign and other videos by visiting cvhhh.org.

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