We all know sugar is bad for you, but do you know really know the dangers of eating added sugar really is? Welcome to my senior capstone project. This was a design project heavily focused on research influencing the final design aesthetic. I first got inspired to do this project by watching a Ted Talk by Dr. Robert Lustig (as linked below). Watching that video completely opened my eyes and I force myself to rewatch it every so often as a reminder. This project truly changed my life and my eating habits, which is why this is the last college project to remain. I’ve become passionate about this topic, as all my friends and coworkers can attest, as I’ve made all of them aware of the dangers of added sugars.

Bittersweet is a branded research paper with a final deliverable at the end of the product: the book itself. Its sweet and playful aesthetic is meant to draw the viewer in unknowingly, and then alert them to the dangers of sugar. The idea of the book is that it can be read in different stages. Quickly skim through and get the main idea of the book if you’re short on time, or dive in deeper to absorb all the finer points.

Have I convinced you yet about the dangers of eating added sugar? If you want to learn more you can shoot me an email where I’ll be happy to discuss this topic with you or check out one of the relevant links below to learn more information.

Relevant links:

Bittersweet Book  •  Research Paper that Sparked the Book  •  Branding Guidelines that Explains the Final Choices  •  The Video that Inspired It All. 

    Sweet Enough
    For You?

    I would love to hear your thoughts on Bittersweet, whether they are positive or negative! Sometimes it’s fun to look at past projects and think about how you might have improved them, or how you might do them differently today. Want to learn more about the toxic effects of sugar? I could chat about this topic for hours. Reach out!